Team Members:

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Mahmoud Fathy   +201152060880 Click Here Click Here Click Here  

Nada Ashraf

  +201060737331 Click Here Click Here Click Here  

Omar Ismail

  +201021554848 Click Here Click Here Click Here  

Sara Fouad

  +201143507334 Click Here Click Here Click Here  


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Dr. Alaa Hamdy Click Here
Eng. Lobna Shaheen Click Here

Project Description:

The main idea of this project is to increase the safety of self-driving technology. We propose a self-driving car prototype that integrates between different technologies including some algorithms which are Road lane detection algorithm, disparity map algorithm to detect the distance between the car and other vehicles, and Anomalies detection using Support Vector Machine classification algorithm. The car consists of a raspberry pi as the main component that runs the algorithms, dual cameras attached to the raspberry pi, and a variety of sensors. Also, there is an important component in the system which is the Arduino as it is responsible for the car motors and their motions. Arduino receives signals from the raspberry pi component and based on them, it takes the appropriate decision for the car motors.




  • Elsevier conference paper at MobiSPC 2020 (17th International Conference on Mobile Systems and Pervasive Computing)                         in Leuven, Belgium



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