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Road accidents are a worldwide disaster with an ever-rising pattern. Absence of consideration, foolish driving, disregarding driving rules take numerous lives every day. In this project, we propose a solution to diminish the number of accidents, to follow the driving conduct through the use of F- DTW, drowsiness detection and a concentration level detector for sibling drivers to create a detailed report which will be sent to the concerned person. This goal will be achieved through the use of a mobile application that uses the built-in phone accelerometer, GPS and GSM, a Drowsiness detection system, built-in speaker. To sum it all up, the goal is to notify concerning personal and emergency services as quickly as possible, to reduce the number of fatalities as much as possible using all the mentioned components.




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Winning the 2nd place in the Internet of Things Track in the Graduation Project Competition for the project entitled “Parental Driving Safety System” supervised by “Prof. Mohamed Elgazzar” at The International Japan-Africa Conference.