Team members

  • Alaa Mohamed ( CV )
  • Marwan Ibrahim ( CV )
  • Mayar Yasser ( CV )
  • Mohamed Ayman ( CV )


Project Description

 News aggregator able to aggregate relevant articles of a certain input   keyword or key phrase from trusted sources and summarize all of the important articles to give the reader understandable summary. Another main task for the project is recommending aggregated/trusted articles to the user based on his input search keywords.



Paper submitted and published

  • International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA).


News Aggregator is simply an online software which collects new stories and events around the world from various sources all in one place. News aggregator plays a very important role in reducing time consumption, as all of the news that would be explored through more than one website will be placed only in a single location. Also, summarizing this aggregated content absolutely will save reader’s time. A proposed technique used called the TextRank algorithm that showed promising results for summarization. This paper presents the main goal of this project which is developing a news aggregator able to aggregate relevant articles of a certain input keyword or key-phrase. Summarizing the relevant articles after enhancing the text to give the reader understandable and efficient summary.

Publish URL:

Paper Draft : NewsAggregatorandEfficientSummarizationSystem_IJACSA


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