List of Graduation Projects

26 Projects

Video Bite – Video Timestamps and Description
Mahō: The First AR MMORPG
Detecting constructions’ distortions and fluctuation
Intelligent Surveillance System for Smart Cities
Deep Learning-based Intrusion Detection Systems for In-Vechile Network
Online Fitting Room
Breast Cancer Biopsy Diagnosis using Deep Learning Algorithms
Weed Seed: Avena Fatua
EvalSeer – Automated Programming Assignment Evaluator
Automatic Drowning Detection using Machine Learning and IoT
Face Liveness Detection For Preventing Face Spoofing
Visually Impaired assistant
Safe Social-Distancing
Medical Prescription Recognition (MPR)
Detecting malicious Android applications
Smart Behavioral Chatbot
COVID-19 detection using blood tests and discriminating between it and pneumonia using CT scan images
Cloud-Based Smart Retail to support COVID-19 prevention
Oil wells detection using satellite imagery
HR Automated System
Fungicides utilizer
3D world psychotherapy app using evidence-based therapeutic protocols
Detection for human genomes to enhance athletes performance
Mini Interactive E-Learning Environment
Gait Recognition of human locomotion disorder