Graduation Projects List for the Academic year 2019-2020 at MIU-CS:

  1. Ahmed waleed sayeed: Tourism System using Geographic information System
  2. Ali Tawfiq: Stock share prediction depends on historical data and current news
  3. Youssef Talaat: Automatic Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy Stages
  4. Omar Ismail: Designing and Implementing Self Driving Car
  5. Kareem Emad: Guide Me Navigation App For the visually impaired
  6. Mourad Nabawy: Detecting Education level using Facial Expressions in E-learning Systems
  7. Randa Osama: Smart Planting
  8. Fairuz Ahmed Soufy: Classification of Alzheimer’s by DNA Analysis
  9. Habiba Hatem: TrainIt: A real-time system for detection and classification of wrong played strokes in table tennis
  10. Hussam Eldin Mohamed: iFish Farm:- Monitoring and Analysis of Fish Anomaly Behavior In Ubiquitous Environment
  11. Bassel Emad: iKarate: Improving Karate Kata
  12. Alley Mostafa: Digital certificates using blockchain
  13. Amr Sherif: InVideo Recommendation
  14. Mohamed Ayman: News Aggregator
  15. Daniel Nagi: Parental Driving Safety System
  16. Mark Nabil: Cell Tower Placement
  17. Abdelrahman Tarek: Workout Assistant
  18. Mohamed Tarek: Palm Tree Disease Detection 
  19. Clara Kamal: Detecting the Appropriate Software Design Patterns
  20. Abdelrahman Gamal: Fake News Detection
  21. Ahmed Waled Zanon: Detection of Fish Disease By Abnormal Behavior

Documents Templates:

  1. Proposal Template

Documents Samples:

  1. Proposal Sample

Presentations Templates:

  1. Lips Reading
  2. Blood Cells Disorder
  3. ElbowDoc: Automatic Recognition of Musculoskeletal Disorders from Radiographs
  4. Epithelial Dysplasia


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