With the increasing language divide in formal international conferences and the rising costs of using human interpreters, the language industry has seen a technological intervention in recent years that has aimed to make use of advances in the study of natural language processing to aid in the simultaneous interpretation of spoken speech.

The launch of the Center of Excellence in Translation & Localization at Misr International University has coincided with the development of one such software powered by statistical automatic speech recognition, and advanced machine learning techniques that aid the software in distinguishing between various domain and dynamically switch between them, thus aiding the interpreter through providing them with a more contextual understanding of the speech being fed to the application.

An initial version of the application is browser-enabled and is multi-platform. 


This project was unveiled during the 1st International Conference on Recent Trends in Translation Technology as part of the launch of the Center of Excellence in Translation and Localization at Misr International University. It was completed in co-operation with the Department of Alsun at MIU. 

Participants will be laid out in with an academic hierarchical structure in mind.

Academic Staff

  • Prof. Ashraf Abdelraouf; Faculty of Computer Science
  • Prof. Sama Dawood; Department of Alsun, Faculty of Mass Communication
  • Eng. Nada Shorim; Department of Computer Science


  1. Mostafa Mahran
  2. Wessam Ahmed
  3. Abdelrahman Ashraf
  4. Ahmed Sameh

As well as the XX students of the Department of Alsun who contributed with academic work as part of their graduation project, including the compiled glossary of terminology used for the development of this software.

Academic Documentation

Graduation Project Proposal

Document: Click me

Software Requirements Specification

Document: Click me

Software Design Document

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