Team Members:

  1. Andrew Albert
  2. Ahmed El-Kodossi
  3. Soha Mahmoud
  4. Mahmoud Mostafa


  1. Dr.Ayman Ezzat
  2. Eng. Noha El Masry

Project Description:

Money Bill Tracking can be the outset of reducing money theft and aiding the money market. In this paper, we propose a system that extract serial numbers from money bills using a novel device that takes a video of the money bills while being counted and assign them to their owners then a heat map is generated to show the money flow in the market and this part is for financial corporates and as for each user will be provided with a mobile applications so that they can scan the money and assign ownership within the app with an added feature as the ads and promotions from companies collaborating with the applications will be overlaid in augmented reality.


Project’s Video :Demo


Proposal DocumentMoneyTracking-Proposal

Proposal PresentationMoneyTrackingProposalPPT


SRS Document : SRS

SRS Presentation : SRS PPT


SDD Document : SDD

SDD Presentation : SDD PPT


Thesis Technical Document : Money_Tracker_Thesis

Thesis Technical Presentation:Thesis-Technical

Thesis Business Presentation:Thesis-Business