Developed by: Mina Samir, Ahmed Hanie, Aly Aboulgheit and Karim Hossam
Supervised by: Dr. Ayman Ezzat
Teacher Assistant: Eng. Noha Al-Masry




System Description:

The Wanderer aims to use Object recognition to superimpose virtual game objects unto real scenes, and with the use of Geo-location filtering we are filtering the objects depending on the Geo-location itself while also increasing the detection accuracy.

The Wanderer is a Role Playing Game that aims to direct the users to certain places in the real world in order to collect items, materials and complete tasks..


Personal Information:

  • Mina Samir
  • Ahmed Hanie
  • Aly Aboulgheit
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    • CV: Click Here
  • Karim Hossam


User Study




System Overview:


Flyer Design:


Technical Presentation:




Published Work:

  • Link to IEEE: Here




Prof. Tanaka: