Project Members:

Ahmed Wael Shady

Ahmed Hossam Eldin

Mennatallah Hatem

supervised by: Dr.sameh selim

Developer team

Project Description: 

Due to the lack of accuracy and robustness, Indoor Positioning System has now become a major with huge concerns worldwide especially with the rapid increase in multimedia services and data.
Therefore, there is a need to enhance the accuracy of indoor localization by exploiting the capability of the available technologies. In this paper, a hybrid indoor localization system that is based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication technologies is proposed. The main infrastructure of the proposed system is to use Wi-Fi tritleration method to determine the position of users at indoor areas based on Wi-Fi signal strengths. Then, the position obtained by the Wi-Fi tritleration method is used to check whether the user exists within one of the indoor locations supported by BLE or not.


Project Idea:

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