Team Members:

  1. Laila Amin
  2. Lobna Ahmed
  3. Lobna Amgad
  4. Fatma ElZahraa ElSayed


  1. Dr Tarek Gaber
  2. Eng.Silvia wahballa

Project Description:

Most nations face high percentage of cardiovascular diseases in all ages and this problem from many years ago an until now did not solved yet and became one of the main causes of death in the world. For improving this problem and by searching for techniques we found that by following some records for the cardiovascular patients we can predict the heart attack by using two main factors which are medical data as (family background, high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, diabetes etc…) and the live time monitoring of the heart beats(ECG). Prediction of the heart attack with high accuracy and in early stage by using machine learning and data mining techniques will limit from this problem.

Demo Video:


Heart Attack Prediction Proposal:Proposal_document

Heart Attack Prediction Proposal_Presentation: presentation


Heart Attack Prediction SRS:SRS_document

Heart Attack Prediction SRS_Presentation:HAP_SRS


Heart Attack Prediction Dr.Tanak_Presentation:HAP_Dr Tanaka


Heart Attack Prediction SDD_document:SDD

Heart Attack Prediction SDD_Presentation:HAP SDD


Heart Attack Prediction Thises_document:HAP_final_thesis

Heart Attack Prediction Thises_Presentation:Thesis_presentation

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Advanced Computer Communication and Informatics(ACCI) paper:HAP_conference_paper

Egypt Computer Science journal paper:HAP_journal_paper