BREACTOR Description

BREACTOR is designed to help driver who can be drowsy while driving through many reasons like feeling tired . It can detect drowsiness of driver by Biological Signals  and send alerts to wake him up.  BREACTOR uses emotiv epoc device  to read Brain signals. The emotiv must be ready to work and start reading signals and filter all signals , to extract the specific feature domains then classify the features where we will use some algorithm for classification . Finally the signal will be saved and checked, if signal result is drowsy  the system will alert the driver and repeat the whole process every one minute on the other hand if the signal is normal the process will be repeated every 5 minutes.

Software Requirement Specification 

Software Requirement Specification Document

Software Requirement Specification Presentation

Software Design Document 

SDD Presentation

BREACTOR Software Design Document




Final Thesis 

Final Thesis Document