Team Members:

  1. Ali Essam.
  2. Nermeen Saeed.
  3. Hend Mohamed.
  4. Rowan Omar.


  1. Dr. Ashraf AbdelRaouf.
  2. Dr. Taragy.
  3. Eng. Nada Ayman.


Project Description:

 The main idea of this project (Automated blood cancer detection) is to improve accuracy of blood tests. Automated blood cancer systems should provide quick results with high accuracy, decreasing false positive and false negative cases. So, we propose a system for detection of white blood cancer diseases. We aim to detect several types of white blood cancer diseases like Leukemia and Myeloma, moving forward to improving the accuracy of results along with receiving results faster. We also aim to decrease the cases in which the case is diagnosed to be false positive or false negative. Our system will be desktop based in which blood sample images are acquired and the system process them to classify whether its positive or negative case. Also, showing which subtype of the disease it corresponds to and if its in early or late stage.

  • Proposal

Proposal Document: Proposal_BloodCellsDisorder

Proposal Presentation: Presentation_BloodCellsDisorder

Proposal Demo


  • Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

SRS Document: SRS

SRS Presentation:

SRS Demo


  • Software Design Document (SDD) 

SDD Document: SDD

SDD Presentation:

SDD Demo:


  • Thesis

Thesis Document:

Thesis Presentation:

Thesis Demo:


  • Publications

IEEE Paper: IEEE_Conference


  • Workshop




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