Team Members:

• Seif Yasser Hassab El Naby
• Bassma El Sherbiney
• Nardeen Nabil
• Youssef Emad


  1. Dr. Ashraf AbdelRaouf.
  2. Dr. Taragy Mohiy.
  3. Eng. Nada Ayman.


As a matter of a fact identification of tumor/non-tumor patient – the size and location of the tumor if found – can differ from one doctor to another according to their experiences, their back knowledge and the patient’s medical history. BLB (BRAIN/LUNG/BREAST) cancer Detection allows any doctor to take the step to be an experienced doctor as it is no longer a manual process it is a brief of complex operations including preprocess, feature extraction , segmentation and classification that raises the accuracy of tumor detection which increases continuously. And as a conclusion it is about saving lives through high efficiency and low time consumption.


BLB Proposal:

BLB Cancer Detection Proposal PowerPoint

BLB Caner Detection Proposal Document

Software Requirement Specification: 

SRS Document

SRS Presentation

Software Design Document:

SDD Document

Final Thesis

Final Thesis Document

Final Presentations

Technical Presentation

BLB Commercial Presentation


Users Evaluation



IEEE Paper