Graduation Projects List for Academic year 2017-2018 at MIU-CS:

  1. Seif Hassab Elnaby :Cancer Detector BLB
  2. Ali Essam: Blood Cells disorder
  3. Ziad Thabet: Lips Reading
  4. Andrew Albert:  Money Tracker
  5. Laila Amin: Heart attack prevention
  6.  Mina Kamal: Traffic trajectories
  7. Amr hamy: Assistive Limbs
  8. Nader Elsheikh: Driving behaviour BCI
  9. Diana Abdelnaser: Forgery Document detection
  10. Mariam Mohie: Deep packet inspection
  11. Bishoy Hany: Movie Trailer Generator
  12. Mina Samir: The Wanderer: A Markerless Augmented Reality Game with Object Positioning Awareness
  13. Ahmed Wael: Indoor Positioning System

Previous years:

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