Team members:


Project Description:

  • In our modern society the Internet has been taking a huge part in people’s life and it’s so easy to publish any rumors that can mislead people away from the truth as it’s a fast way to get news and doesn’t consume time. The spread of fake news has different aspects and can affect lots of different entities; politically and industrially. The term “Fake News” became mostly common in 2016 the fame of disinformation within American political discourse was the subject of attention, particularly following the election of President Trump. This term was particularly used to describe incorrect and misleading articles published mostly for the purpose of making money or to change people’s point of view. In This project we
    aim to detect the published fake news using Machine Learning. We will combine the most efficient classifiers that will lead us to generate
    more effective results by adding browser extension which works automatically while using the internet by this people will be updated to every real event.







Achievements :

    • Competitions :
      We participated in DELL Technologies Envision the Future Competition and made it to the final stage and being one of the top 25 teams.