Team Members:

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Alley El-Dorry (Leader)   Click Here Click Here Click Here  

Mohamed Reda

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Shehab El-Din Mohamed

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Sherif Abd El Khalek

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Dr. Ayman Nabil Click Here
Eng. Radwa Samy Click Here

Project Description:

A system that uses blockchain and distributed ledger technology for issuing students certificates and storing them on the ledger. The main purpose of the system is avoidance of fraud since blockchain technology provides immutability, provenance, consensus and finality. Other than that the system can be used for student to apply for jobs by validating that they are certified through sending a proof of claim to the entity they are applying for a job at and this entity can easily verify this certificate through the ledger.


SRS (Software Requirements Document)

SDD (Software Design Document)


Final Thesis

Paper Submission

  • Egyptian Universities Digital Certificates Verification Model Using Blockchain
    • Accepted for publication in: 2020 9th International Conference on Software and Information Engineering (ICSIE 2020)